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Welcome to my Website!

Music to us is a day to day thing and we listen to it everday.

in class, at work, in the car, and even sometimes hile sleeping

mostly cuz we forget to turn our devices off, so it keeps playing all night

anyway this is about how music changed and how much

do you feel bamboozled?

music has changed overtime SO much its basically more evolved than humans

but in some ways i think it is underdevoloped, for example the new rap music


cant even be considered to be music

its just slow and low talking to a beat, so yeah its not music

but then there are musicians like ed sheeran and shawn mendez that create real music

wait befor we go on can we a look at what a disaster screamo is

why does it even exist? it shouldnt exist?

this is the type of music we are going to be talking about so

if you dont know anything about up




hip hop

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